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Winery Tour

The rapid expansion of Washington state wineries has made Leavenworth a favorite destination for the wine novice and expert alike. Wine production has been expanding in Washington since the mid 70's, and today, a new winery opens nearly every 2 weeks. With greater knowledge of grapes that thrive in our climate, vintners have established excellent wineries in the Cascade Valley and North Central Cascades. Many of these wineries are right here in the valley, within close proximity to the inn.

Eagle Creek Winery

Owners Ed and Pat Rutledge grow a variety of grapes at Eagle Creek Winery, including cabernet-savignon, cabernet-franc, and chardonnay, on a couple of acres. Nestled in the foothills of the Cascades, there are 600 vines adjacent to the winery, producing five tons of grapes and 2,000 bottles of wine.

Visit their tasting room May through October for samples of extraordinary wines, cellar tours and enjoy a glass of wine on our shaded patio overlooking the vineyard, or stp by their downtown Leavenworth location, (called d'Vinery) offering tasting daily. Visit their website

Icicle Ridge Winery

Lou and Judy Wagoner, along with their three married daughters and their husbands, planted vineyards in 1999 and opened the doors of Icicle Ridge Winery in 2002. Located in Peshastin in view of the lovely Icicle Ridge, the winery has a variety of wines, with “Romanze Blend” being their signature red wine, and a newly released Royal Lady White Riesling in a beautiful blue bottle. Visit their website.

La Toscana Winery

Not long ago, vintner/owner Warren Moyles stomped grapes with his feet in true old-world style. First in the valley, La Toscana is a pioneer in winemaking, producing a variety of wines utilizing Cabernet, Merlot and Riesling grapes from the 500 vines grown on location. The winery is located 6 miles from Leavenworth in nearby Cashmere. Visit their website.

Wedge Mountain Winery

Founded in 2001, Wedge Mountain Winery is owned and operated by Charles and Mary Ann McKee. As a young Marine stationed in Naples, Italy, Charles learned the art of winemaking, and he now produces a variety of wines including several fruit wines. Located right on the Wenatchee River, Wedge Mountain Winery features an underground wine cellar where wine tasting is available anytime by appointment. Visit their website.

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