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The Art of Restful Sleep

At Run of the River, a bed and breakfast in Washington state, guests are often inclined to attribute their “best night’s sleep in months” to the sounds of nature in the evening: the croak of a frog, the calling of geese, splashing of a critter in the river outside their private balcony. For others, just getting away from the pressures of every day to the refuge here motivates that deep sleep.

However, we’ll let you in on a little secret. While relaxation is a natural by-product of Run of the River Inn and Refuge, the real reason for the best night sleep in months is our mattresses. In every room, Run of the River features a Serta mattress and box springs so top of the line they’re called “Presidential Suite.” We think regardless of your politics, these mattresses are one of our best features, and probably the leading reason (although not the only one) for guests commenting over and over that they get their best night's sleep while they're here.

After an amazingly deep sleep in these dreamy beds, lots of guests inquire about where they can get mattresses like ours. We talked with Serta, and they agreed that we could provide the Presidential Suite line of mattresses to our guests at a considerable savings from retail.

If you are considering a bed purchase in the future, you might file this away:

Your Price

Comparable Retail Price

King: $1100


Queen: $900


Other sizes are avaiable, call for details.

There are two conditions that allow us to provide this high quality mattress and box spring at this rate:

  • Serta doesn’t deliver. The beds can be picked up at the factory in Puyallup, WA.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges. (You have given the mattress a ‘test sleep’ at the inn)

These two conditions, by the way, are why mattresses cost so much at traditional outlets.

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