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Friday, May 30, 2008

Beauty of Spring in the Valley...

Hi Ho to All,

The inn and the valley are changing around us as spring settles in. It seemed overnight the trees were green again, the early flowers bloomed, and deer filled the refuge. There is something new to see and hear everyday. A couple of weeks back we saw a doe give birth to two fawns right out on the island!

Everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather; finally it is comfortable to wear shortsleeves and sandals! These long days are perfect for hikes, bike rides, adventures in town or relaxing at the inn. The warmth of the day continues on into the evenings when the frogs croak a unique concert that you have front row seats at from your deck.

Innkeepers are gardeners, too! We've been busy planting our herb garden and many different flowers and plants all around the inn's grounds. Pretty soon we will be covered in a patchwork quilt of colorful blossoms!

With the massive snowfall we had this winter, you can bet your bottom dollar that the rivers and streams of the Valley are rushing. The guests and innkeepers watched the high water channel fill from sand up to the bank in just a couple of days. If you take Highway two to come to the inn, stop and see the dam a couple miles out of Leavenworth; you'll know it when you see it!

In Leavenworth we had two great festivals in the last month; Maifest and Bird fest. The inn presents a very special opportunity to experience the birds; we see and hear so many different kinds. There is nothing quite like a morning on a bird refuge; Karen says that's the right way to wake up - by nature's alarm clock.

Art in the Park downtown by the gazebo just started this month on the weekends and continues through October. Many of the artists paint or perform their craft right there in the park. In mid June the farmer's market will start and run through harvest into October as well. See what the local's have to offer!

That's all from our end; we hope all is bright and beautiful on your end as well!




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