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Monday, June 2, 2008

Spring Magic...

While pretty much every morning at the inn has magic, this morning was a cut above. Right after guests were "just right" with a wonderful fresh breakfast (you know what that is all about!) by Monty and the crew, a guest noticed that a doe, lying all morning quietly in the grasses across the river on the island, was giving birth to a fawn.

We all dashed out to the deck to see the miracle first hand. Beyond the Evening Grossbeaks chattering and flitting about, it was quiet as a church. As soon as the fawn was properly attended two by Mom, another baby fawn was born, all to the delight of guests standing mesmerized.

Soon after, the third of triplets arrived. Momma Doe stood quietly and proudly licking and tending to her new brood.

Just born fawns have about as cute, innocent, and peaceful a face as you will see any
where on earth. To see three together on this beautiful Spring morning in the Icicle Valley was something we will all never forget.

It will be a joy to watch the babies, all wobbly now, grow up over the spring and summer at home on the refuge island.


Blogger Latharia said...

Oh, how wonderful! :D Maybe we'll luck out & have our own magical experiences like that!

June 8, 2008 5:29 PM  

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