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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Season of the Crickets...

Late summer has arrived in the Icicle Valley. You can always tell. The chirp of the crickets take over from the croaking of the frogs. For such a little critter, those crickets can pack a punch. Warm days taper into evening, and the crickets fire up. There is nothing quite like sitting on the decks at sundown with a chorus of crickets, reflecting on the gifts of summer. Fun stuff.

Perhaps you have heard, but a May landslide and creek diversion has created havoc up the Icicle. This occurred near Ida campground, about ten miles up the canyon where the road turns from pavement to gravel.

Bad: Icicle Road is closed at that point, closing car access to Icicle Gorge Trail, Chatter Creek Trail and other trail heads further up the Valley.

Good: You can still hike Icicle Gorge Trail by tacking on a three mile (1.5 miles each way) walk along the closed road. It is really pretty nice walking, knowing you are on the roadway and not a single car will pass you.

Better: Colchuk, Stuart, and Eight Mile Lake trails are still good to go.

This also opens up the closed road and some trails to mountain bikes. Because there are now so few hikers in the area, mountain bikers can access a number of trails formerly busy with hikers.

And yet another reason to consider heading over to the Icicle Valley: With Northwest sports teams doing so doggone poorly, you might as come come hike, bike and relax on the deck. If we just stay away from the sports pages, all will be fine!

This upcoming week, Karen and I will be flying out to see our daughter Julie in Rutland, VT. Susan will come in and give her last love and effort to the inn. After a glorious five year run, Susan is turning in the apron to give her efforts to a growing herd of grandchildren. Over the years, Karen and I have always known that the inn, guests and staff have been in good hands with Susan. Susan's gift of genuine warmth, wisdom and spirit will long linger with all of us.

Cheers from the Inn and the Icicle Valley!
Monty and Karen, Innkeepers
Run of the River Inn and Refuge
Leavenworth, WA


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