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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Season of Color...

Welcome to the season of color in the Icicle Valley and Run of the River Inn and Refuge. Color is everywhere! Trees are fully in change from verdant green to flaming reds, yellows and orange hues.

Patti Bosket has made her annual Autumn decorating appearance at the inn and the magic starts the minute you turn down the lane to the inn. Pumpkins (hundreds!), handsome strawman scarecrows, bundles of Quincy corn, and colorful fall leaves adorn the inn inside and out. Room decks are adorned with hay bales, strawmen, and pumpkins. Quite a sight! Come and enjoy!

If you can take Stevens Pass enroute to us all the better. The vine maple at the top of Stevens is just entering peak. Quite a show. The color will begin its spread down from the pass through the next four weeks. We are in for quite a display. About a mile east of the Lake Wenatchee turnoff is a massive stand of Aspen. October 15thish, the pure yellow color of the aspen seems electric.

Whether you can make it to the inn this fall or not, we will graciously share some of our favorite fall color hikes.

High on the list is Nason Ridge with amazing views of Lake Wenatchee, the White River Valley and Glacier Peak. This is a must and can't be missed.

The White River Trail is an easy stroll through old growth forest and a bouquet of fall color. Don't miss the White River Falls while on this jaunt. And, if you can catch the short drive up to the overlook viewing Lake Wenatchee and Nason Ridge all the better.

Another highlight is Spider Meadow up the Chiwawa River Road. Although a bit long for some, the miles glide by as you gain just 1700 feet of elevation over the six miles into Spider Meadow. Once you hit the Meadow, plan to relax with your lunch, enjoying an amazing array of color: Fresh white snow on the highest peaks, a narrow band of yellow larch dispersing into a broad cover of evergreen, dimpled with avalanche chutes chock full of colorful maple. Wow!

Whether for a day drive over the Stevens or a relaxing four night getaway to the Inn, come on over! When the days shorten and the clouds bring months of rain or snow, you will smile with the memory of the Season of Color.

Cheers from the Inn and the Icicle Valley!
Monty and Karen, Innkeepers
Run of the River Inn and Refuge
Leavenworth, WA


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