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Saturday, January 10, 2009

We're Good!

Hi Ho Friends!

Thanks for your calls and emails from around the state and the country regarding the recent blast of weather from good ol' Mother Nature.

While the passes closed for a bit and some roads were washed out, Run of the River came through just fine. In fact, it was real fine for some folks who couldn't head home for a day from the inn. Imagine that! An extra day in paradise to play in the Valley and relax at the inn.

Unfortunately, US 97/Blewitt Pass will be closed for a few weeks as repairs are being done to patch a washout. So, if you are coming via I-90, you would continue past Cle Elum to George on I-90, then drive north through Quincy and Wenatchee.

If you can drive over via US 2/Stevens Pass that would be the preferential route.

Regardless of how you arrive, all is good down to R O R. Coffee is fresh, cookies are warm and the big ol' leather chairs are sitting by the fire ready for a good book and you!


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