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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

River Reinvestment...

Hope all is well with you! Just a quick comment here to underscore that, while the media portrays the economy in a tailspin, all goes well at Run of the River. Our current year looks plenty strong. We believe in the strength of our guests and we believe in the future of the economy and the inn.

To do our part to support the local and national economy, here is what we are doing in the Icicle Valley. On Inauguration Day, we supported a bricks and mortar Washington company and purchased a new commercial refrigerator, made in America. This thing is huge and a beauty! What took us so long to do this?

We also purchased all new flat screen TV's for all suites. No more TV's the size of ice chests. And, no more VCR's. They have gone the way of 8-tracks. (Many of our guests missed that era completely.)

We made the switch from Verizon and other suppliers to a local company delivering all of our telephone, television and complimentary hi-speed internet at the inn and in Ravenwood via fiber. This company is so local it is called Local-Tel!

Working with our local PUD, we are replacing the two propane hot water tanks supplying the inn with four highly efficient electric tanks.

As a company, we see the current economic conditions as a stage to evaluate how we do things, who we buy from and how we grow Run of the River from this point. We look forward to the challenges and the changes. All is well in the Icicle Valley. We wish you peace in your journey.


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