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OUtdoorsy Stuff
  1. Can you hike right from the inn?

    The acclaimed hiking that Icicle Valley is noted for is 10-30 minutes away by car. We are avid hikers, bikers and skiers and are happy to share our knowledge of the local trails. We can match a trail that suits your needs in length and altitude gain. We have terrific creek hikes, ridge hikes with expansive views, and lake hikes. You can jump in, cool off and make friends with the fish!

  2. What about road biking?

    We have great back roads for roadies! To name a few....Icicle Road climbs stoutly into Icicle Canyon with surprisingly little traffic. The East Leavenworth Rd./Icicle Rd. Loop is an easy nine miles, very flat. Heading down through the valley on the back roads is a treat, especially at harvest and spring blossom time.

    The inn has a complimentary collection of Specialized Mountain Bikes suitable for road riding, with helmets and locks included. We also have a Cannondale Tandem. Time to turn over a new leaf!

  3. Where can we mountain bike?

    We have some beautiful Forest Service roads that lace the Wenatchee National Forest. We can get you pedaling to some incredible view spots. Boundary Butte and Entiat Ridge come quickly to mind. Butte and Ridge...hmmmm....sounds like some climbing to me!

    We also have some locals-only single tracks we'll tell you all about when you're ready to ride.

  4. When does rafting season start and end?

    Rafting typically starts in mid-April and lasts through July-ish. (Very-ish) High water usually hits about mid-May and goes through mid-June.

    Call us at 800-288-6491 or email for our rafting company recommendations.

  5. Tell me about golf in the area.

    We have three local courses, a putting course downtown and a driving range in Cashmere.

    Leavenworth Golf Course. 509-548-7267. This is a public course, right along the river and just across the refuge from Run of the River. Five minutes by car. Green fees are $22, carts are available. You can call the Monday of the week you'd like to play for a tee time. Or, call us and we'll set it up for you. Weekends are busy!

    Kahler Glen near Lake Wenatchee. 509-763-4025. Kahler Glen is a private course, about twenty-five minutes from the inn. Rolling hills, carts are suggested for the sane. Rates are about the same as the Leavenworth Golf Club.

    Desert Canyon near Wenatchee. 509-784-1111. Great course, very long. Highly acclaimed by many. The green fees start at $50 midweek and go higher on the weekends...$70-ish. While you lose the pines and the mountains, the course is set on the bluffs above the Columbia River, with great views of orchards, sage, and basalt cliffs.

  6. Can I fish in the river?

    The Wenatchee River is closed to fishing. The opening dates for fishing on the Icicle River vary on the return rates of salmon to the Fish Hatchery, located just upriver from the inn.

    Locals go up the Icicle for catch and release. Good holes are less than twenty minutes from the inn.

    There are two local guides we recommend: Jon English at 509-763-3429 and Bill at Blue Dunn in East Wenatchee at 1-800-351-2416. They guide throughout NCW, including the Yakima River - an hour from the inn.

Fall Stuff
  1. When are the best fall colors?

    The strongest color starts high Stevens Pass in early October. Vine maple, aspen, larch, and cottonwood put on an amazing show. Even the East Coast folks are impressed!

    Intense blue skies, brilliant snow covered peaks, deep evergreen forest backdrop and the showy reds and yellows produce a bold color pallet.

    These are perfect days for a hike on the ridges or to our lakes.

Winter Stuff
  1. When can we anticipate snow?

    While we may get a few late November dustings, snow typically doesn't stick until December. The cross country ski trails are open as soon as snow depth allows. We need an accumulation of a foot to groom the trails. Snow falls through February. Usually, the first weekend in March is snow free and a fast spring follows.

  2. When is the best Cross Country skiing?

    Right after they groom the tracks with the new Bombardier groomer! Seriously, that's a tough question. December is great because you have that Christmas/Holiday feel in the valley. Skiers swoosh by yelling, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

    January and February have greater snow accumulations and the days are longer, especially in February. Really, the best time to cross country ski in the Icicle Valley is when you can make it!

  3. Can we rent cross country equipment?

    We highly recommend Der Sportsmann in downtown Leavenworth. They invest in new equipment each year, both skating and classic or traditional. It beats renting near home and carrying them back and forth. Rates are about $15 per day. You don't need reservations and they take good care of our guests.

  4. How far away are Mission Ridge and Stevens Pass for downhill skiing?

    Both are 33 miles away. To get to Mission Ridge you drive through Wenatchee, which slows you down. But there are no crowds, especially midweek. The views from the top of Mission on a clear day...well, they should double the price of the lift ticket just for the view. You can see Mt. Rainier, Adams, Glacier, Stuart and deep onto the Colombia Plateau.

    Stevens is more developed, crowded and the snow not as dry. But, it's on the way home or on the way to the inn.

  5. Where can I snowshoe?

    We have a couple of great spots you can go to right from the inn. Up the Icicle is also a mecca for snowshoeing. Plenty of trails, no people, very quiet and beautiful. We will show you some of our favorite spots. The inn provides complimentary Redfeather Snowshoes.

Leavenworth Stuff
  1. How far is it from Seattle?

    The inn is a beautiful 2 to 2 1/2 hour drive from Seattle, depending on traffic. Our route of choice is Highway 2 over Stevens Pass, with a stop at Chateaux St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville and another stop to stretch our legs at Deception Falls, near Stevens Pass.

    Interstate 90 and Highway 97 is the other route. It's OK, but I think interstates are for commuting, not part of a getaway or vacation!

  2. Are there good restaurants in town?

    While we are hurting for a good Thai Restaurant, we have most bases covered. Not too many years ago the restaurant scene in Leavenworth was a bit grim. Now, however, we have terrific restaurants to meet all palates. We have a dining guide and sample menus at the inn. We can make reservations when you arrive. We have a little pull, so you don't need to make reservations far in advance.

  3. What is the breakdown of seasonal temperatures?

    Generally in the Northwest, our temperatures are milder in the winter than much of the country because we are warmed by the Pacific Ocean. Conversely, in summer our temperatures are moderated by the cooling effect of the ocean.

    Leavenworth is a deep four season locale. The Cascades block much of the rain splashing the west side of the state. We count on sun!

Summer: Summer starts in late June and lasts through the end of September. Expect very long days, highs into the 80s and 90s. While it gets warm in the Icicle Valley, it rarely breaks 95 and we have little humidity.

Nights cool down when the sun sets. For kicking back on the decks, wear shorts, a long T, and socks.

Fall: Fall creeps in slowly the latter part of September. The nights cool, the days shorten and the mornings have a crisp feel. But the days are sunny and wonderfully clear. This is a great time of year for hiking. No bugs, no crowds and great color. Our favorite fall hike is Twin Lakes, near Lake Wenatchee.

Winter: Winter usually comes at night! Go to sleep one night in late fall and wake up to a blanket of softly fallen snow the next morning. Typically, December through the end of February we have plenty of snow for cross country skiing. The days range from a high of 25-40 degrees, with a low of 15-25 degrees.

For excitement and a great conversation starter, Mother Nature will throw a cold snap at the valley once or twice a year. Be prepared for a high of 5 and a low of -5. Light the fire!

The best part of all of this is that we have no wind in the valley, so we rarely have to worry about wind chill. We hope for sun, but often get clouds.

Spring: Spring typically (whatever that means when we talk about the weather from year to year) starts the second weekend of March. Early hikes open up, arrow leaf balsam and lupine bloom, rafters grin from ear to ear.

Our springs are typically sunny with highs in the 60s.

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