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Road Biking

This is an amazing bike ride along orchard roads meandering down valley from Leavenworth, through Cashmere, and then on to Monitor. You’re in for the ride of the season!

From Monitor slip into a less traveled route to Wenatchee, cycling along the Columbia River to the Wenatchee Transit Station. This ride guide features back roads, with two very short jaunts on Highway 2 (totaling about 1/2 mile.)

Plan to poke about downtown Wenatchee for a bit; pretty cool and authentic, with some great lunch spots and independent coffee houses.
When you are ready, climb aboard Link Transit bus 22-C for a 50 minute ride back to Leavenworth. Each bus has space for two bikes.

If you choose not to journey all the way to Wenatchee, there are bus stops on Hwy 2 in Peshastin, Dryden, Cashmere, and Monitor.

There is a net loss of elevation, about 300 feet, over the thirty or so miles. If there is a breeze, it generally blows down river. Yahoo! That said, there are a couple of uphill sections on this route: along North Road between Leavenworth and Peshastin, Deadman Hill near Dryden, and Stine’s Hill entering Cashmere. Overall this is a good workout, but not a killer.

The maps below are to whet your appetite. A printed map and thorough biking directions are provided at the Inn!

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