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Patti Bosket - Au Nature'l

We would like to recommend a fantastic Washington florist who will enhance the beauty of your wedding with her magnificent floral creations. We are sure you will be more than pleased with the designs of Patti Bosket.

My goal is to make your wedding day memorable, heartfelt, and romantic. I bring a Northwest, natural feeling to my creations that perfectly compliments our state as well as the setting at Run of the River.

My floral design is created to bring out the best in you and your partner. Visually, we want a photogenic appeal that allows the photographer to take extraordinary shots of your wedding ceremony.

Your Package will include...

  • Gentlemen’s Boutonnière

  • Bride’s Bouquet
    We want this bouquet to be stunning! We want this bouquet to emphasize your beauty in this romantic, natural setting.

  • Suite Bouquet
    Your suite bouquet will be in your suite upon arrival at the inn. Each bouquet is designed to draw out the colors, feel, and luxury of the suite.

Enjoy the creation!

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See more beautiful arrangements on Patti's website: www.pattibosket.com

or her Facebook Page:



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