canine policies


You and your Braver Hund have the pet-tential to make this
the paw-fect stay at Run of the River! 
We can’t wait to meet you! 

First and foremost, we must keep every one of our guests’ safety and comfort in mind. 

Dogs are permitted in Ravenwood Lodge and in the dog relief area ONLY. Dogs are not allowed in other rooms or common areas on the property. 

Guests wishing to include their pup in their Run of the River experience MUST purchase the “Braver Hund Package.” This Package is first come, first served and is based on the availability of Ravenwood Lodge. 

Guests who have booked Ravenwood Lodge and arrive with their dog but neglected to book the “Braver Hund Package” in advance will be charged an additional $275.00 per night service fee. Under no circumstances will dogs be allowed to stay in rooms other than Ravenwood Lodge

The Braver Hund Package applies to canines ONLY and is for One (1) dog under 40lbs. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accommodate cats or other pets.    

Dishes for food and water are provided during your stay, however, we do not provide food.  

Our housekeeping staff will provide daily service at approximately 10:30 a.m. throughout your stay in Ravenwood Lodge. If there is an accident or destruction of any kind throughout your stay, please notify our front desk staff immediately so that we can help clean up. This is both for your comfort and to maintain the condition of the inn.   

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Utmost consideration must be given to our guests with pet allergies, therefore, dogs are not allowed on ANY furnishings without proper coverage.  To ensure your Braver Hund is comfortable and able to relax by your side, without leaving hair and/or dander on the furnishings, a dog bed and cozy dog blankets (to cover furniture and bed) are provided. 


You must ensure dog is clean, with dried paws free of dirt and sand, before entering Ravenwood Lodge. Special towels and wipes have been provided for this purpose. 

A Braver Hund does not bathe or “swim” in the bedroom Spa-Tub or outdoor Hot-Tub. This would go against policy and is unsafe for your pup. 

Well-behaved dogs may be left unattended in room, only if crated. For the health and well-being of your dog, this rule will remain without exception. A crate is provided during your stay for this purpose. -- Note: If a fire or other emergency occurs, we need to know where your dog is so that we can remove him/her from danger, quickly and without incident, in your absence. 

When outdoors on the property, Braver Hund must be on a leash, and under control, at all times. 

There is a designated “Doody Area” area on the property.  This is the only acceptable area for pet relief. A leash and waste bags are provided during your stay. Waste must be picked up by the canine’s human and disposed of in the proper “Doody” receptacle outside Ravenwood Lodge. 

A Braver Hund is clean, free of fleas and ticks. He/she is well-behaved and not aggressive towards other humans or animals. Proof that your dog is in good health and all vaccinations are up to date must be provided before or at the time of check-in. 

Payment for Braver Hund stays is required in-full at the time of booking. Braver Hund stays that are cancelled a minimum of 30 days before check-in will realize a refund of 50% of the original deposit. Braver Hund stays that are cancelled within 29 days of check-in are non-refundable. 

Please understand that pet owners who chose to disregard any of these policies will be subject to a minimum $275 per night in additional fees. 

You and your Braver Hund have the pet-tential to make this the paw-fect stay at Run of the River! We can’t wait to meet you! 

Please understand that dog owners who chose to disregard any of these policies will be subject to a minimum $275 per night in additional fees.