Frequently Asked Questions

What time is check-in?

We welcome new guests beginning at 4 p.m. each day (except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day).

Can we access our room early?

We have extensive cleaning processes which take time. To allow us appropriate time for everything involved, we are unable to welcome guests earlier than 4 p.m.

What will the weather be?

Even the meteorologists have a hard time with this. Information on the climate in Leavenworth can be found in our visitors guide, or click here for WeatherSpark.

Do you have a room with two beds?

Our rooms have one King size bed and are designed for two people.

Can we bring our children?

We adore children and realize they need a break from their parents now and then (and vise versa) so our property is for those children 18 years and older.

Can we bring our dog?

We currently offer our “Braver Hund” package which can be found on our website under OFFERS/Packages.

Can we bring other pets?

We do not have offerings that accommodate other pets.

Can we cook in our room?

Ravenwood Lodge offers a beautifully outfitted kitchen and is the only option for cooking in your room. All rooms offer a coffee maker, electric tea pot, a microwave and 4.5 cu ft refrigerator.

Are you servicing rooms during the pandemic?

We are not offering “in-room” service during the pandemic; however, we have processes in place for “refreshing” amenities.

Is breakfast included in our stay?

As always, breakfast is included with your stay and is currently being delivered to your room each morning.

What time is breakfast served?

Breakfast is delivered between 9:00 and 9:15 a.m.

Can you accommodate special diets?

We can accommodate most special diets which have been prescribed for medical reasons.

Do I need to give a credit card number if I am using a gift certificate?

A credit card is needed to confirm all reservations.

Does Run of the River offer discounts?

Packages and Specials can be found on our website by clicking on “OFFERS” and then “Specials”.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes. Our Wi-Fi is used by our guests for not only things to do or places to et in Leavenworth but also for work and “Zoom” meetings.

Can we walk to town?

The town square of Leavenworth is approximately 1.3 miles from the inn. Whether you can is for you to determine.

What can we do while we are there?

There are many things to do in Leavenworth, the Icicle Valley, and surrounding areas. Checkout our visitors guide (Plan Your Visit) on our website under Adventures.

Do you have a Tesla Charger?

Leavenworth offers a Supercharger with 16 spaces. This charging station is open 24/7 and offers up to 150kW

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