Hundreds of miles of hiking trails dip and climb through the forests that surround the Leavenworth area.  Day hikers can choose an easy, peaceful hike or a scramble up steep terrain.  Some hikes meander along quiet streams, while others lead to alpine lakes and panoramic views.   


Run of the River is pleased to provide our guests with brochures and maps that include difficulty levels, as well as our hike recommendations for your skill level and interests.   

The unexpected DOES happen, even to the MOST experienced of hikers. Always pack appropriate footwear-boots or shoes designed for hiking. 


In addition, be sure to carry with you (at a minimum) the 10 Essentials

Navigation – Map/s or GPS. Cell phones seldom work in steep canyons. Do not rely on them for navigation. 

Insulation – Dress in Layers. Wool socks, a fleece pullover and wind layer should be considered 

Hydration – Water Bottles, Hydration Pack (water filter is always a good idea) 

Nutrition – Protein & Carbs for Lunch; think Sugar & Carbs for Snacks 

Sun Protection – Hat, sunglasses & plenty of sunscreen 

First Aid Kit 

Emergency Shelter 

Light Sticks or Flashlight 

Fire Starters 

Signaling Device/s 

Multipurpose Tool 

The following websites will also prove helpful when planning your hike:


Wenatchee Outdoors 


U.S. Forest Service – Okanogan Wenatchee Forest 

On the Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests there are numerous opportunities for hikers and backpackers to explore. There are 8 miles of barrier free trails and 1,285 miles of wilderness trails. Be aware that many trails are shared use and in wilderness areas wilderness restrictions apply.