How to Prepare for Breakfast at the Inn

So, you’ve chosen wisely and booked a stay at the best Bed and Breakfast in the Pacific Northwest (we might be a little biased). You're looking forward to climbing into your king-size log bed, sitting by the fire with a hot drink, watching the wildlife of the refuge roam, and...enjoying a delicious breakfast with people you’ve never met?! We get it. Breakfast with strangers can be intimidating! But when you visit a B&B, sharing breakfast with others is to be expected! We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that sharing breakfast with your new-found friends, especially at Run of the River, can be a truly wonderful experience!

Whether you’re a millennial who is new to the bed and breakfast culture, or an old-pro who still gets butterflies before heading downstairs, we’d love to give you some lighthearted - but useful! - recommendations to make breakfast hour the best hour of the day!

The Food Part:

It's five Courses. Yes! Just let that sink in for a minute. It’s a lot to digest (pun intended)! One of the hallmarks of a stay at Run of the River is our delicious, homemade, five-course breakfast. We start with our freshly-made juices and seasonal fruit plate, then move onto yogurt that we create by hand each morning. Then we serve up one of our delciious egg dishes, with one or more of these delectable treats - potatoes, baked goods, waffles, or french toast cooked only the way Run of the River can...and if you're still hungry, never fear, our famous breakfast dessert rounds out the meal! Yup, you heard that right! At Run of the River, we believe in breakfast dessert: caramel apple croissant bread pudding with our homemade caramel sauce, winter fruit compote with fresh spiced whipped cream, apple dumplings and fruit crisps with homemade brown sugar crumble…is your mouth watering yet?

Tips to Prepare:

  1. Come Hungry: Five-courses is a rarity when it comes to breakfast, so make sure you wake up hungry! Coffee, tea, spiced cider, and hot chocolate are refreshed and available in the Great Room by 7:30 am each morning. If you’re someone who likes a little nibble while enjoying your morning coffee, we recommend rethinking this practice during your stay. There will be plenty of mouthwatering food to enjoy with your second and third cups of coffee at 9:00 am when breakfast is served!

  2. Know What’s Coming Up Next: Maybe the Butcher’s Scramble sounds like the greatest thing ever, but little did you know that our Granola Stuffed Pumpkin Pancakes (a guest favorite!!) are just around the corner.

  3. Don’t Make Early Lunch Reservations: You will likely be quite full well into the afternoon. Our guests often tell us they only eat two meals in Leavenworth: breakfast at Run of the River and an early dinner somewhere in town. Feed your afternoon cravings with bites from one of our wine & cheese picnic baskets, or help yourself to our homemade afternoon snack that gets set out at 3:00 pm in the Great Room. (These are always amazing and worth saving room for!)

  4. Brush Your Teeth Early: This may sound silly and a bit personal, but we give you this tip in all sincerity: brushing your teeth immediately after waking up and not right before you leaving the room will make breakfast a much more enjoyable experience! We kick off breakfast with fresh fruit and our blended juices, and you know how the saying goes: “Beer before liquor = never been sicker. Toothpaste before orange juice = death.” Well, we're not sure the death part is true, but we all know that experience can be pretty yucky!

The Social Part:

We understand that you might not be used to sitting down and sharing a meal with ten strangers first thing in the morning, but here’s the cool part: you can easily leave the table with ten new friends – and a belly full of breakfast goodness! Allow me the pleasure of a quick anecdote: there are four couples who came to the inn as strangers one weekend in November a few years back. By the time they left, they all booked together for the same weekend the following year. That year, they hosted their own wine tasting night in the Great Room, booked dinner reservations together, and now look forward to seeing each other each November. How amazing is that?! And they are not the only group who have done this! We may be biased, but we think our guests are some of, if not THE, very best guests anywhere. They range in age from 20 to 92 years old. They come from all over the world. They are singles, friends, family members, and couples who have been married more than 60 years. They are high school science teachers, rock star roadies, farm owners, military families, aviation engineers, mixed-media artists, orthopedic surgeons, professional singers, missionaries, college professors, and amazing parents of seven - and we adore them all! There are so many friends to be made and stories just waiting to be told at the breakfast table.

Does this frozen squirrel remind you of yourself in new social interactions?

Tips to Prepare:

  1. Smile and Laugh: Greet the room with a warm smile and feel free to laugh at Steve’s famous jokes! We try to keep the conversation going and might even throw in a few good puns here and there.

  2. Start with the Basics: Walls come down and conversations get flowing after the simplest introductions! Share your name, where you’re from, what you do, and if you’ve been to Leavenworth/ROTR before (newbies love to use you as a resource). You are likely to have a lot in common with others around the table!

  3. Have a Story in Your Back Pocket: Did something crazy happen on your snowmobile tour yesterday? Do you have a favorite Leavenworth memory? Did something outrageously funny happen to you this month? We’re sure you have lots of tales to tell the table! Some people might more naturally gravitate toward listening, but they are ready and waiting for you to share!

  4. Avoid the Touchy Subjects: Like any good matchmaker will tell you, don’t jump to serious or polarizing topics on a first date! This is your chance to get away, relax, and enjoy all the beauty of the inn & refuge – don’t let any stressors get in the way of that. We are proud to welcome guests from all walks of life and want everyone to feel comfortable around the breakfast table!

The Etiquette Part:

We certainly don’t claim to be a fine-dining establishment! We aim to focus on comfort, romance, and excellence in everything we do. There is no “right way” to go about enjoying breakfast at the inn, but we have noticed some trends over time and are happy to keep you in-the-know if you currently feel like B&B breakfast is a big unknown!

Tips to Prepare:

  1. To PJ or Not to PJ, That is the Question: Most guests are dressed for the day by breakfast time. You certainly don’t need to come to the table freshly coiffed and all made up. By all means, wear jeans and a sweatshirt if that's what makes you cozy! Or feel free to wear your favorite sweater and matching jewelry. The dress code is totally up to you! We have noticed that it is very rare that someone will come to the table in their PJs or robe but you are more than welcome to do so! We just don’t want you to be caught off-guard if the rest of the table isn’t pajama party ready.

  2. Start and End Time: Arriving a few minutes early gives you a chance to grab a cup of coffee, look at the paper, and meet a few guests before everyone grabs a seat when breakfast begins promptly at 9:00 am. The ending time is up to you and your new friends, and will vary from day to day. **Due to health code regulations, we unfortunately are unable to reheat and serve breakfast to stragglers. If you are a late-riser or want to have a private morning to yourselves, consider adding one of our breakfast-in-bed baskets that can be booked before your stay!

  3. The Last Piece: Everyone has their favorite breakfast dish. Maybe you are all about Brown Buttered Waffles or Eggs Benedict. Because we serve family style, we ask that our guests remember that others will also be eating the items served and you can always ask for seconds Once everyone at the table has taken their first portion, feel free to help yourself to seconds...don't worry, we haven't run out of food yet and if that were to happen, we will just whip up some more! We always laugh when there are two lonely pieces of bacon left on the platter because no one wanted to take the last piece. Feel free to help yourself!

  4. Kiss the Cook: Okay, so perhaps we don't mean this one literally. But our meals are made in-house each and every morning, with menus thoughtfully planned weeks in advance, and ingredients picked out with care. If you enjoyed your meal, let Jan, Steve, or Teresa know! (They don't know I'm including this part in the blog. I just want to give credit where it's due for our famous breakfasts!)

We hope that overview has eased your uncertainty about having breakfast with strangers - or has at least given you a chuckle or two! Between the incredible five-courses and the amazing company, breakfast at Run of the River is truly something not to be missed! We’ll see you at the table at 9:00 am!

Do you have any questions about enjoying breakfast at the inn? Feel free to drop them in the comments below!

*All photos included in this post feature actual Run of the River breakfast foods! Taken by Kate Spencer Photography.

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