"What's the weather like..." in Leavenworth?

One of the most frequent questions we get at Run of the River is "what's the weather like/going to be like?" Sometimes the question comes from guests who are currently packing for their weekend getaway, other times it comes months in advance while trying to anticipate what winter activities to book. We would love nothing more than to be able to tell you the weather report down-to-the-minute and with 100% accuracy (sounds amazing, right?), but throughout the past decade, Mother Nature has shown us how tricky she can be in Leavenworth.

The great news is that Leavenworth is gorgeous 365 days of the year! Some days feature bright blue skies while other bring a mystical fog down through the trees. At times the leaves show off their bold colors, but in other seasons there is a peaceful bareness in the nature right outside our back porch. You may catch the high water channel of the refuge nearly overflowing, while other times blankets of snow cover everything in sight.

In the past decade, we have experienced how varied the seasons can appear and feel, based on the amount and timing of precipitation. While the temperature tends to be fairly accurate when it comes to the 7-Day Forecast (check out the graphs at the bottom of this post), the precipitation sometimes feels like anyone's guess!

In this blog, we want to take the opportunity to provide a comparative visual so you can see what the refuge looks like on the same date or month across different years. We hope this gets you excited for your visit!

Late April - Early May

Spring can bring lots of rain to Leavenworth, but that means buds are blooming and the babies of the refuge are being born! Fortunately, we've got plenty of ideas to keep you company on a rainy day.

Early July

July appears to be consistently green! Summertime in Leavenworth is likely a bit warmer than you may think. When the summer sun is shining, you feel it up here! Be sure to bring sunscreen and protective hats/glasses, since there is plenty to do outdoors!


It's still warm in August, but the foliage begins to show the impending transition to fall. There isn't a ton of water in the high-water channel of the refuge, but that means lots of room for the fawn and black bear cubs to play! Keep your binoculars close - don't worry, they're in the basket on the hearth of each room.


There is a distinct change is the air the day that autumn arrives! Mornings and evenings tend to be cool, even on hot summer days, but once we hit late September/early October, the quintessential "crisp in the air" is palpable. This time of year is truly stunning in the Icicle Valley. Every day looks a little bit different and captures the seasonal beauty.

Thanksgiving Day

By the time Thanksgiving comes around, we typically have had our first real snowfall of the year. However, it is not unusual that the snow doesn't quite "stick" yet due to rain or warmer weather. Nonetheless, the beauty of the refuge on Thanksgiving day always fills us with tremendous gratitude...and we love the calm of "Black Friday" at Run of the River.

Christmas Day

It's always a "White Christmas" at Run of the River! The question is just how much snow we will have. 2018 was fairly sparse when compared to other years. This winter has had a delayed snowfall, which led to pushing most of the typical winter outdoor activities to February and March!

New Year's Eve

What a way to welcome the New Year! You can cozy up in your room to watch the last sunset of the year - perhaps with a basket of goodies and champagne? Let us know if you spot the river otter that play up against the banks closest to the inn.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter - We boast beautiful skies year-round!

This demonstrates just how quickly the view can change during your stay - this captures three days in a row in late November!

There's plenty to look forward to any time of year! To help us prepare, we like to use weather.com and accuweather.com for our forecast information, but it's always worth checking out a few different websites to get the best idea of what the weather might be like during your stay. Our advice: wait until a few days before your trip to try to figure out the potential forecast, as it changes often, and make sure your search is set to Leavenworth, WA (versus "Leavenworth - Lake Wenatchee" or "Leavenworth - Steven's Pass," which will provide forecast information that differs from downtown Leavenworth).

Below are the average temperatures and precipitation reports for Leavenworth, Washington. Remember - the "average" can mean lots of precipitation on one weekend and nothing for the rest of the month. Fortunately, the inn provides the same luxurious and cozy accommodations year-round. Whether you spend the day cuddled up in your four-post bed after breakfast, or you come back from an afternoon of exploring the great outdoors to rest in your stone jacuzzi tub, there's never a bad time to enjoy Leavenworth and Run of the River!

Hehe: A few days a year, we even find Leavenworth locals cruising down the high-water channel of the refuge!

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