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Coffee overlooking the Refuge
Deer in the Refuge

The Refuge

In what is otherwise a high-impact area for ecotourism, the refuge at Run of the River combined with adjacent land, is an important “green belt” for many types of birds and wildlife that have inhabited the area for centuries. We at Run of the River work together with Chelan County and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to preserve, protect, and perpetuate the state’s fish and wildlife resources.  

The refuge is an annual stopover site for hundreds of migrating birds and water fowl, as well as a winter home to young Chinook Salmon, trout, and many other types of wildlife year-round. Wildlife using the refuge includes osprey, eagles, kingfisher, “feeder” birds, cougar, mule deer, fox, bobcat, otter, beaver, raccoon, Douglas squirrel, and other “forest friends.” 


Observing wildlife in their natural habitat is both educational and enjoyable. It is especially important when visiting natural areas and viewing animals, like in the backyard of Run of the River, that the wildlife remain undisturbed. Disruption of these surroundings could possibly displace the birds and animals from desirable habitat which in turn can have grave effects.   


We encourage guests to use the binoculars available in each suite to view all wildlife from their deck. When you follow safe wildlife watching practices, you protect the health of the wildlife...and yourself! 

Momma bear and the cubs
Douglas squirrel
Ravenwood's pond
Winter on the Refuge