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Are you battling a case of the winter “blahs”?  Then it’s time to get outside!  Leavenworth, WA and the Cascade Mountains that surround Run of the River are even more beautiful in the wintertime! There are opportunities for the casual visitor as well as the more adventurous of recreationalists. Opportunities beckon!


Downhill Skiin and Snowboarding

Before it became a sport, Skiing was a method of transportation in the mountains of Europe.


Now, spending the day on a snow-covered hill or mountain, surrounded by clean, fresh air, evergreen trees and the natural outdoor beauty of the rugged Cascade Mountains, is without question, the best medicine for the stresses of everyday life.


Located on historic Ski Hill, next to the charming Ski Hill Lodge, the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club operates the Lt. Michael Adams Tubing Park. A rope tow pulls you to the top of the hill, then sends you gliding down the 100-foot hill for a chance to get in touch with your inner child, once again. No skill is required but don’t forget to wear your mittens!


Snowshoeing is a form of hiking.  It has emerged as the fastest growing outdoor winter recreational pursuit, finding popularity in all corners of the world. If you are an avid summer hiker, there is no reason to let winter stop you from getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful Cascade mountains.   

You will find nearby snowshoe routes for all abilities. 


With over 150 miles of trails and over 150 inches of snow per year, Leavenworth is recognized as one of the top snowmobiling destinations in the country.  

Nordic Skiing

Nordic Skiing (commonly known as Cross-Country skiing) is relatively low cost, easy to learn and can be done by even the most novice of exercisers. It is a great sport to enjoy together or with friends!


The peace and tranquility of gliding through evergreen forests and snow-covered meadows allows you leave your everyday stressors behind and regain a new sense of calm.

Sleigh Rides

Over the meadow and through the woods…  You will enjoy gliding through the snow, across glistening meadows and along the river, with one of our fabulous partners and their team of horses.